The Ozark mountains are located in southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas.  It is comprised of 2,4 million acres of National Forests, including a wild Elk population; two distinct mountain ranges; 600,000 acres of lakes; 49 state parks; 9,700 miles of rivers and streams, and a low population destiny.  Because of the mild winters and low traffic, the roads tend to be immaculate.  It is not unusual to travel a hundred miles on a road and not see another car, driveway, or town.

This is a popular trip for sport-touring enthusiasts from the Midwest, especially in spring and fall.  The Ozarks are moderately-sized mountains covered by thick forests.  It is a rustic area with fantastic twisty roads throughout the area.  Resort communities, quaint small towns, and friendly people will await your arrival.


St. Louis to Mountain View, AR