In the Midwest, the Mississippi River flows from Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota all the way down past St. Louis, Missouri and on to New Orleans.  In Wisconsin it is adjacent to the “Driftless” Area, a part of the southwest part of the state that was spared the destructive force of the glaciers during the last glacial period. This caused some curious, and beautiful, topography in these areas drawing visitors year-round and making for one of the most beautiful motorcycle areas in the country.

The combination of the rural, hilly, and wooded landscape along with deep river valleys including the Mississippi provides a beautiful backdrop for country riding and touring.  This area is a sport-touring riders dream.  There is hardly a straight road in the area and most have little traffic.

Small rural communities dot this part of the Midwest and provide plenty of lodging and food options.  A trip along the Mississippi will give hundreds of miles of beautiful scenery, easy flowing roads, and many quaint river towns right on the water.